Laid back; stressfree
I'm labeled as the down ass chick, coola then a fan, laid back, always countin' stacks, that's my main plan yo.
by T Lady January 1, 2008
The one that has your back when no-one else will, A woman that is faithful and committed to you without a title, A woman that will go out get her money and bring it back, The woman that loves you for the person you are before you can even imagine loving her, The one that does everything in her power to run other bitches off, A woman that makes love to you like no other woman can, The one willing to do anything to keep you, she is also the woman who will eventually have your heart
"Man that nigga got a down ass bitch, you better get one"
by Kayyy_ June 10, 2014
A foo that is down to do whatever from not backing downing to be trucha all day
Ayy you know that foo.
Thats a down ass foo right there my boy
by Ahuevo March 14, 2021
a woman who is a lady but she can hang with thugs. She will lie for you but still love you. She will die for you but cry for you. Most importantly she will kill for you like she'll comfort you. She is a ride or die bitch who will do whatever it takes to be by your side. She'll be your Bonnie if you are her Clyde. Thugs love these bitches and they show this by showering them with stacks of cash, flashy jewels and rides.
Ja Rule wrote a song about his" Down Ass Bitch" and since then all thugs aspire to get one.
by Nina Bereta April 5, 2009
a girl that is not high maintenance, she's down for whatever and doesn't complain when you hang with the boys. ride or die chick.
Hey man, the girl I'm dating is a down ass chick.
We can hang tonight, I got myself a down ass chick.
by patsmack February 29, 2008
A girl who sticks up for her man whenever he needs her. Popularized by Ja Rule in early 2000.
My girl pulled a gat on the po's last night..for real ; she's a down ass bitch.
by Lindsay October 6, 2003
A girl with an ass so flat, that a NFL referee can perform the first down arm movement on her backside and never hit her ass.
She had a nice rack, but she definitely had the first down ass.
by Schmed April 8, 2006