Laid back; stressfree
I'm labeled as the down ass chick, coola then a fan, laid back, always countin' stacks, that's my main plan yo.
by T Lady January 01, 2008
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A foo that is down to do whatever from not backing downing to be trucha all day
Ayy you know that foo.
Thats a down ass foo right there my boy
by Ahuevo March 13, 2021
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a woman who is a lady but she can hang with thugs. She will lie for you but still love you. She will die for you but cry for you. Most importantly she will kill for you like she'll comfort you. She is a ride or die bitch who will do whatever it takes to be by your side. She'll be your Bonnie if you are her Clyde. Thugs love these bitches and they show this by showering them with stacks of cash, flashy jewels and rides.
Ja Rule wrote a song about his" Down Ass Bitch" and since then all thugs aspire to get one.
by Nina Bereta April 04, 2009
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a girl that is not high maintenance, she's down for whatever and doesn't complain when you hang with the boys. ride or die chick.
Hey man, the girl I'm dating is a down ass chick.
We can hang tonight, I got myself a down ass chick.
by patsmack February 28, 2008
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A girl who sticks up for her man whenever he needs her. Popularized by Ja Rule in early 2000.
My girl pulled a gat on the po's last night..for real ; she's a down ass bitch.
by Lindsay October 06, 2003
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a real lady like, she's is very proper and usually hard headed and always gets in alot of fights with mostly girls that talk alotta bulltish.(the girls they usually get in fights with are usually rich bitches).

a down to earth girl who ISNT a hoe;bitch;skank;slut;and all those other mistreated words you call girls you look down at. she's a REAL friend that cares about you and always tries to put a smile on your face even if it means that she has to embarass herself.she will make you laugh your ass off making it to a kodak moment. she cares about the people around her and worries about the people who are the closest.(these girls are usually asian) and they are really really RARE to find. (you know when you see one when you come across one.)

a real girl who has her morals and standards still intact and stands up for her rights and has the most utter respect for the elders and passionate love for the young ones.a unique combination;you cant find her on a number scale.

a girl that is smart has the fashion down and is always into the passion movement;a girl who dresses like a lady but has a sexy sense of style. people usually judge her and may think they know what she's all about but little do they know she is really genuine.her looks can be deceiving but she is really true and has that beautiful love.

a girl that works hard, pushes hard and always covers the tabs in alotta cases geuniuinly and not sexually. she's a best friend

a girl that isnt stupid; you cant take her for a fool; shes very smart and catches on to subliminal messages when shittalkers are around. and when a player comes across her way,she'll always give him a hard time which players find it hard to stay away from and are very attractive in a respectful way (not sexually either).

a very hard working girl that was raised through rough times and earned her respect through her tribulations and will never forget where she came from and who are the closest. she doesn't allow to get the hustling life into her head but gains wisdom through the hard times that she made it through.

a girl with a soul.
Synonym-Angelina Jolie
Opposite-Kimora Lee Simmons

A wife who sticks through her husbands side till the end of time and puts up with his bad habits to keep the family very family oriented.

Hilary Clinton

Cassie Ventura

"Damn, that girl is crazy!!! yepp. she's a down ass girl."

"Man josh, you can't find a down ass girl anymore now in these days, girls are always to worried about their outter beauty worrying and forget about the inner beauty of what they can possess."

"That down ass girl is wifey material yo."

"You can usually find these girls in the movement section."
by Hobro. CNC43v3r February 01, 2008
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