The Kig-Yar (Forerunner designation, translated into Latin: Perosus latrunculus, or " Hateful Bandit." Human designation: Covenant secundarium carnivora prœdonis, or "Covenant secondary carnivorous combatant" are an avian/reptilian species which serve the Covenant as mercenaries and privateers. There are two distinct of Kig-Yar, which Humans have termedJackals and Skirmishers. In combat, Kig-Yar typically serve as snipers, shock troopers, defensive fighters, and scouts within the Covenant due to their excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing.
“A slight against one Kig-Yar is a slight against all Kig-Yar, but fortunately they're still fighting each other over what they should do about it.”
by LuxWraith October 16, 2017
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really hot person that was born on march 31 2006 that ghosts their "friends"
yar uses they/them pronouns

i wonder what yar is doing

yar loves manga and has their playlist /
by yaryaryaryaryar April 11, 2021
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Y’all” and “are” combined.
by Fagtard September 30, 2021
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Having or exhibiting the qualities of a pirate.
Did you see the parrot on that guy's shoulder?
Yes, it was quite Yarful.
by Amberian July 11, 2010
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getting so drunk you take off your shirt
I got so hammered last night I almosted yar hued
by pclarkson February 19, 2010
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