A drink that has banana flavoring in milk that Jeon Jungkook can buy by himself
Have you heard of banana milk?
Yes! I bought it by myself.
by Plentae April 6, 2019
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Jung kook’s ( from bts) most priced things in the world.
by Renoir November 21, 2020
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A mixture of urine and cum
She gave him that good head and all that came out was banana milk, she did not hesitate to swallow though.

His underwear smells like banana milk.
by da boys at da dawg park November 16, 2020
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Jungkooks wife. He will protect banana milk at all costs... just don’t drink the last one.
Jin: kook where’s all the banana-
Jk: right next to me
Banana milk means the world to Jungkook
by Sugageniusjamjamboomboo July 17, 2020
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sperm that exits from a male ejactulation
did you see that left over banana milk kobe left on the side of shaq's mommas mouth
by michael steward June 26, 2008
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Usually defined as overly warm or even hot semen. Often accompanied by intense orgasms. It is also a phrase used to describe warm vaginal discharge by elderly women.
dude i banged cortney last night and her face got covered in hot banana milk.
by An anonymous Phantom January 14, 2021
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