A British term for the navel or "belly button" in the center of a human torso.
When the belly dancer swayed erotically, her umbilical dip bobbed in time to the music.
by thundatune12 August 8, 2012
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A type of spit that usually occurs after being deyhydrated or after strenuous physical activity. The gum-like quality of the spit causes it to hang unceremoniously from your mouth in a long string of saliva, usually causing the victim to lean forward with their head away from their body and shaking erratically in an attempt to break the Umbilical Spit.
Friend: "John, why are you looking at the ground like that?
John: "I'm waiting out this massive umbilical spit"
by boatsfalcon April 9, 2013
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A child who agrees with their mother on everything, and has not left home after, or during, their mid-twenties. Probably chats online with older women. Mother is most likely a Donald Trump supporter.
Where did Joe go? His mom called and he left. God! He's so umbilical whipped.

Where's Dan at? He's at the Republican primary. Oh. Yea.... umbilical whipped.
by Mr. E 9000 October 3, 2015
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An umbilical cord is how a fetus survives in the womb; its the pipe which gives everything a fetus needs to survive.

An umbilical cable is a bunch of cables held together or one big cable that resembles an umbilical cord. An umbilical cable transports vital data and/or electricity between things.
I opened my computer and I saw a bunch of umbilical cables!
by da tech guy August 19, 2011
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1. A credit card in your name for which your parents are responsible
Mom told me to use the umbilical card to buy a fancy dress for my cousin's wedding
by EarlyToBed January 24, 2010
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One of those baby restraints with a rope attached so as to prevent a child from running too far out of reach from his/her parental unit. Also known as the primitive version of GPS.
Baby Boy: Damn my stupid mother. She has locked me up in her outdoor jail with this stupid umbilical leash.
Baby Girl: That's too bad because if you could just take 3 steps further, I'll give you the time of your life.
by authoor June 18, 2006
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It's when you don't have to take a dump for days, then you visit your parents house, and you MUST take a dump. Even adult children are unaware this is happening but it's definitely umbilically connected. An umbilical dump.
Child: Hey Ma, I feel an umbilical dump coming on.
Ma: Oh shit, I have to clean the skidmarks out of the toilet again?? Another umbilical dump.
by CJMO November 16, 2006
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