what a guy does when he has an orgasm, kinda like ejeculation.
ohhh shit, im about to eject, open your mouth!
by saraaaho December 7, 2008
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verb: To completely remove yourself from a disturbing situation.
"I was down at the bar, and these two pillow biters were making out with each other! Fucking eject!"
by _salesman_ May 8, 2005
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To break up with someone, or stop contact. Sounds like rejected, but its cooler.
Damn, you got totally ejected!
by [hi, i'm mavis] April 15, 2007
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Noun - a person ejected from a social media group, usually due to an over-zealous moderator seeking to win points
Rachael, Mark and I realised that we were all had become rebellious ejects, despite making valid points in the group
by Limbic Candy September 21, 2020
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Getting kicked out from a place or venue.
Ah man... I've just been ejected from the bar by the security guard because I was drunk and started punching people.
by Mandolye January 12, 2010
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When a person's bladder and rectum are in such massive distress from holding their contents that the instant they sit on the toilet, all hell breaks loose from both orifices.
Jimmy: "I can't believe you ate 10 bean burritos and drank a 2-Liter of Mountain Dew!"

Robert: "Yeah, I was Mount St. Helens, man. By the time I got to the toilet...Full Eject!"

by Jimmy Walker March 9, 2007
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A sexual position in which the woman lays down on her back and man stradles her face. In this position the man reverse titty fucks the woman while the woman tosses his salad. After the man cums he then initiates a fart in the woman's face at which time she is so disgusted that she pushes him off...hence the ejection seat.
My girlfriend was in a kinky mood last night so I gave her an ejection seat to get my ass munched on and so I could cum on her tits.
by Pacos November 1, 2005
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