Someone who is beautiful,clever and will always be loved by someone they know.Someone who no matter what they do to you,you will always be able to forgive them and you will always love them
''wow she is beautiful''
''It can only be Caprice''
by onlyonecapriceforme January 21, 2012
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Most beautiful and perfect girl. Always the smartest and prettiest girl in a room. Everyone loves her. People want to be her or date her.
by netflix hulu January 6, 2021
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A sudden, unpredictable action, change, or series of actions or changes. Actions are donw on a whim. An inclination to change one's mind impulsively.

French, from Italian capriccio
She may change her mind – she's very capricious. caprice
by twinzmom530 February 3, 2010
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Prettiest, funniest girl ever. Once you meet her, you become great friends because she is just that awesome. Those sparkling blue eyes and golden blonde hair make you smile and suddenly fall in love with her amazing sense of humour. She is a very loud person. But in a good way. When your down, she makes you laugh and you can't help but smile because she is such a great friend to have.
I bet that girls name is Caprice. She's funny, pretty and awesome.
by user2222222222 January 11, 2012
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He is the embodiment of true love; a love so amazing its irreplaceable. You are instantly drawn to his strength and charm. He has the ability to calm the worst of storms and brighten your world with just one smile. His touch will make you weak at the knees- his embrace will make you feel whole. This is a once in a lifetime, head over heels kind of love. Occasionally a numb nut.

Synonym: Soulmate
I met the most amazing guy yesterday I think he might be my Caprice.
by Numbnut234 May 24, 2017
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A very beautiful woman with a bitchy fucking attitude. She’ll beat the fuck out of you if you fuck with her family or her 4 friends. She hates racists, homophobes, assholes, and she’s a liberal. She supports BLM and is pro-choice. She’ll fuck a bitch up if they’re disrespectful and rude. But she’s very loving and will buy you any food
Doctor: What’s your name?
Caprice: Ny name is Caprice.
Doctor: Oh shit. Damn bro.
by bluehat October 17, 2020
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