An abbreviation of "Why, though?" mainly used as a joke or pointless comment in online discussions.

The phrase picked up a large following in popular random-topic communities on
user1: "Help me choose my MySpace default!"
user2: "y tho"
user1: "omg guys my fob shirt came today"
user2: "y tho"
by licia February 20, 2007
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"Y tho" is a term used regularly nowadays. Stemming off of the phrase "why, though" it has been recently used to show confusion in a trolling type of manner. If, say, someone does/says something unintelligent, it is appropriate to reply with "y tho". For people not to confuse "y tho" with "why, though", squint your eyes while protruding your neck and calmly, in a small voice say "y tho?".
(Also there is a meme associating with this phrase.)
Person 1: Honestly, y'all are just vapid, y'all should leave.
Person 2: y tho?
by Kim Taehyung's bear June 6, 2018
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Used to express hopeless frustration when something goes wrong. Used mainly by people originating from Tumblr.
Random Kid: *Shows tumblr user a stupid meme*
Tumblr user: "Y tho?"
Random Kid: *Puts phone in pocket and walks away*
by cho-pon March 15, 2016
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1. An online term short for "Why though?" but more commonly used in more surreal situations.
A: ur ugly lol
B: y tho
by herrgurkis November 23, 2019
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But y tho is simple questioning something. It can also be the meme below, a variation of said meme, or a reference to the meme below. It's just a bastardization of "But why, though?"
John sees the above definition and is too dumb to figure it out himself that all he can say is "but y tho?"
by Mart Sass April 7, 2018
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Y tho is an other way of saying Why though. People use it mostly when they are texting
Bob: I am going to George’s house
Charlie:y tho
by Rhubarb pie November 15, 2019
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An abbreviation for "Why Though?". Often used amongst chat groups and teenagers. Often read in a whiny voice, or sarcastically.
Friend: I'm grounded. No party tomorrow.
Me: Y tho.
by SeeIKnowStuff October 30, 2018
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