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An abbreviation of "Why, though?" mainly used as a joke or pointless comment in online discussions.

The phrase picked up a large following in popular random-topic communities on
user1: "Help me choose my MySpace default!"
user2: "y tho"
user1: "omg guys my fob shirt came today"
user2: "y tho"
by licia February 19, 2007
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Used to express hopeless frustration when something goes wrong. Used mainly by people originating from Tumblr.
Random Kid: *Shows tumblr user a stupid meme*
Tumblr user: "Y tho?"
Random Kid: *Puts phone in pocket and walks away*
by cho-pon July 25, 2016
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A massive lacking of understanding or comprehension of what you are witnessing. To be confused beyond the realities of the real world. A true blown lightbulb moment.
Sarah Palin: I can see Russia from my house.
Katie Couric: Y Tho!
by TheTasteofUnicornMeat April 22, 2017
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