An attractive girl. Y means "yes" you would have sex with her. The opposite of an N.
I was at the Gas Lite last night at it was crawling with Y's! I couldn't believe it!
by Reetz December 04, 2010
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tha letter that middle schoolers, English dropouts and h4x0rs use instead of i.
What is the tyme?
hy there!
i lyke this guy on the radio

and so on...
by Omega Death November 26, 2003
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can mean either "Yes" or "Why" depending on context
R34LM: Wait, your Hans Henrik, aren't you?
takeoded: y

R34LM: You are just the person I wanted to talk to in the first place!
via giphy
by Hans Henrik September 21, 2019
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A person bearing the Y chromosome, otherwise defined as male. Can be used as a stealthy label to discuss a present male without him knowing about it. This term is not often used by straight females to discuss males, and never used by males to discuss other males.
"Is that Y bothering you? I'll rip his balls of and shove them down his throat if he looks at you one more time."
by Aye Nonny Mous September 17, 2006
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The letter that you type in your search bar cause you're too lazy to write youtube
by urbad16352 April 15, 2020
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