when you try to search up youtube but your on incognito mode and you forgot your on incognito mode and you are trying to find some porn.
You find a music video there called y.
Guy: Dude did you watch it

Other guy: no man my parents caught me at the moment becuase it so long to search up youtube and get to what i wanted because the y search went to a weird music video.
by adadesddgfdfhdhjhgjv March 12, 2020
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Another term for an ex, as in "Y" the fuck did i date them.
Dude is that your ex?
Nahhh that's my Y.
by svj702 October 18, 2012
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It's the letter Y, with two dots on top. I imagine that 每 is pronounced differently from y, but if so, I don't know what the difference actually is.
Person 1: "Look, that 每 has two dots on it!"
Person 2: "Must be a misprint."
by Bob Gurch August 27, 2004
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-The 25th letter in the alphabet, the letter before Z and the letter after X

-A word short for "yes," often in texting/DM's

-A letter than sounds like the word "why," and replaces the need for your lazy ass to type in the full word online/in texts. More commonly used instead of abbreviating yes (look above.)

-The letter you type in when you don't feel like Googling the word "YouTube," and use the letter "y" instead. This results as an unfortunate mistake of clicking a video called "y," which consists of a king in his underwear on a magical adventure from his toilet with a cat that sounds like a dog.
ex 1: Dave- What's the 25th letter in the alphabet?

Steve The letter ''Y"

Dave: Thanks bro.

ex 2: (texting)
Mom: can u pick up some milk at the store pls?
Frank: y
Mom: k, thx honey :)

ex 3:(DM)
Creepy Guy: send me nudes ;)
Woman: Who tf r u? Some guy jerking off in his moms' basement? Y r u asking random girls for nudes?!?
Creepy Guy: yes ;)

ex 4: Nick: Dude, I was going on YouTube yesterday, and accidentally watched this really weird video of a guy in his underwear.

Sean: Cool story bro.
by averycreativename July 25, 2015
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1. Appears at first glance to be a regular "y", but upon closer inspection it contains to dots above it, which is not usual for a y in the english language. These dots give the appearance that it is somehow a deranged smiley face with it's lip hanging far below where its mouth ends.

2. The final definition on Urban Dictionary.
It is impossible to pronounce "每" without first cutting out your tongue and eating hot coals.
by Ace Mulato April 16, 2006
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the baddest bitch alive who鈥檚 super fine and just amazing in general
yo that girl 鈥測鈥 is soo fucking hot
by Sydxxamazingg May 31, 2020
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