ww constitutes a narrow version of the world wide web
by Hercolena Oliver December 19, 2008
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ww stands for worldwide web as www indicates superfluous letter usage since w is double you know though an additional unhalved w is permissible in denoting wide.
Did the spider intoxicate double you caught up in the ww?
by Hercolena Oliver May 29, 2008
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1. William Wordsworth. Commonly used by teachers to abbreviate and avoid writing the entire "William Wordsworth"

2. A common typo when typing "www" for web URL's
For Explanation #1:
"OK class! Today we will be studying WW's poetry."

For Explanation #2:
by LacusClyneXHaro May 22, 2005
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"Where we at?"

Similar to asking if there are any other like minded individuals present.
TSM fans WW@!?

Lamia bros WW@?
by FilthyLuckerDog September 17, 2013
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I have my doubts about the whole situation... WWS...
by NamelessHero November 9, 2014
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Win Win Situation, a situation when you can't lose in.
Bob : If I go to work today, i get paid but if i stay in i get to sleep

Mum: Its a WWS, if you work you get money, if you stay in you get sleep
by DGSsss August 11, 2009
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