A shortened term for #WonderfulWeekend. Weekly videos that originate from a high school in Towanda, PA. Commonly contains athletes, sporting events, parties, and random people screaming random things that in some way make the viewer's weekend slightly more wonderful. To be featured on one of these videos, one must do something extraordinary, or random.
"So, you think you'll be in Aaron's #WW?"
"I think so, but when he was recording, I farted and asked if the camera could smell it."
by Joseph_McSnipe November 9, 2015
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Westwood Theory states that all Westwood students deserve the utmost priority and positive bias in a competitive speech or debate event. Doing so is the only way to preserve the hegemonic influence of the school on such events. In a debate round, if one side is not from Westwood and they present any argument that could significantly cripple the chances of Westwood winning, that team deserves to lose as they are trying to affect the entire national speech and debate assosciation's ecosystem.
"Judge, the affirmative/negative must not be allowed to win this round as they are trying to violate WW Theory's interpretation! They want to shift the balance of NSDA to favor them!"
by ForeignPowersCP March 4, 2021
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World-wide rizz
Person 1: this girl from Europe rejected me yesterday
Person 2: I never get rejected from any girls because I have WW rizz 😏🤑
by WW rizzer April 4, 2023
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ww hawks are an internet clan that are self proclaimed victors over an extensively hacked mobile game. They dwell in deep cyber space on unpopular phone games that have 500 total users. They also habitate chat rooms in which they poorly troll cyber members.
Cyber person: have you heard of ww hawks?
Other cyber person: Yes, I farm them daily.
by vernacular is my middle name September 25, 2014
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The sencond World War. In witch Hitler tried to take over Europe and America once again had to bail them out.
"Mabey we should help Europe."
"No, its not our business."
"Oh no, they bombed Pearl Harbor!"
"Lets go kick there asses!"
by BillyJoe June 29, 2003
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KekoTv is a closed YouTube channel. It was known for stealing videos from the internet. The owner did is a old Willicher but know he is a LGTBQ+ With Mayo and Ketchup supporter
KekoTv WW information

With love
From …
by VaultInWestside May 19, 2022
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girl 1: i'm SO the wingwoman, i'm gonna help girl 2 get his number!
girl 2: i'm SO the wingwoman, i'm gonna help girl 1 get his number.

OG WW = girl 1
by bookbag September 21, 2009
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