A Work Wank.

When it all gets too stressful at work, one takes matters in to their own hands and provides a little relief.
"Man, that spreadsheet was really getting to me so I had to go have a WW to clear my head"
by therealhutch January 16, 2012
a nickname used by pimps for caucasian prostitutes "white women"
Pimp "i got a black bitch and three WW's"
by ace of spadez August 17, 2008
Acronym which stands for Weed Wednesday. People get together after a hard day of fulfilling their responsibilities as contributing citizens to society, and smoke marijuana.
by Docta Dro May 7, 2009
Wasted Wednesday- A mid week stress release
-Dude, why were you gettin so much liq? Its tuesday.
-Tomorrow night we're having WW, wanna come?
-Is Mark Whalberg a badass? Hell yeah bro.
by CUBACUBA22 December 10, 2009
A shortened term for #WonderfulWeekend. Weekly videos that originate from a high school in Towanda, PA. Commonly contains athletes, sporting events, parties, and random people screaming random things that in some way make the viewer's weekend slightly more wonderful. To be featured on one of these videos, one must do something extraordinary, or random.
"So, you think you'll be in Aaron's #WW?"
"I think so, but when he was recording, I farted and asked if the camera could smell it."
by Joseph_McSnipe November 9, 2015