a gathering, a group, or a gaggle of people that work in a financial institution.

Guy in front of the 5th National Bank: Look at that wunch of bankers!
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
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English VERB. Portmanteau made from 'wrinkle' and 'bunch', wunch means what happens to material when someone moves about on it, bunching it up, pulling on it, and leaving wrinkles. Hair, sheets, dresses, curtains, and so on can be 'wunched'. Has the same sound as 'wonder'. Rhymes with PUNCH and CRUNCH.

NOT related to the collective plural word for a group of bankers: a '(wunch (rhymes with bunch) of bankers'
NOT related to wunsch which is German.
'You can't wear that, it's all wunched!'
Dang it, I ironed those sheets and he's wunched them all up.
'OW! Don't lie on my hair, you're wunching it!'
by Hiril nos Mornnawar May 18, 2010
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A financial organisation that is incapable of reliably handling your money matters and instead cause unneccessary stress.
Barclays Bank plc are a Wunch of Bankers, as are any other bank who don't employ enough people to answer the phone and instead leave you waiting a long time for your call to be answered while they give your money to someone else.
by dustyp August 24, 2009
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A joke, the collective noun for a group of bankers.
A twist on Bunch of Wankers.
Person 1: Do you know what is the collective noun for a group of bankers?
Person 2: No idea.
Person 1: A Wunch of Bankers!
Person 2: What... oh, I see, a bunch of wankers!
by Jethro Gibbs December 21, 2010
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