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Hitting on an ugly chick because you know she's likely to put out and you will end up having sex. Usually used when one or both parties are sober, so alcohol cannot be blamed for poor judgement.

similar to hotness hypnosis but leads to overlooking serious flaws in their physical appearance.
1: "Dude, It's been like 6 months I've gotta find me a woman!"

2: "Just see where your Bang Blindness takes you man"
by borntoboogie June 29, 2009
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When you date or marry somebody in a similar line of work to your own, or even worse if it is with a colleague.
Person 1: did you hear that John is getting married?

Person 2: Really? I didn't even know he had a girlfriend!

Person 1: yeh he's been seeing Mary from HR for about 2 years!

Person 2: eugh, that's professional incest!
by borntoboogie October 19, 2010
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Term given to all Satellite Navigation devices designed for driving.

They are often lost, confused, incorrect and suggesting the user make a U-turn when possible. Examples include directing the user to turn left into a river, against traffic in a one-way system or directing HGVs down single-lane country roads, which has led to a new road sign being created to warn drivers to ignore their sat-nav.
Sat-Nav: "After 200 yards, turn right"

Passenger: "Dude, will you turn off your Shat-Nav, it's directing you into that river!"
by borntoboogie July 05, 2009
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The type of books that rot the brain and are just generally shit. Usually aimed at teenage girls, they have the same black and red covers and are about vampires or werewolves.
Why do shops keep selling this shit-lit?!
by borntoboogie December 11, 2011
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