4 definitions by dustyp

Sex in a train going through the Channel Tunnel between England and France, parts of which are half a mile below sea level.
Normally in a toilet but the Half Mile Under Club with Distinction is in a carriage while others are present.
by dustyp August 14, 2009
A financial organisation that is incapable of reliably handling your money matters and instead cause unneccessary stress.
Barclays Bank plc are a Wunch of Bankers, as are any other bank who don't employ enough people to answer the phone and instead leave you waiting a long time for your call to be answered while they give your money to someone else.
by dustyp August 24, 2009
When a lady who you are making love to is not just soft and a true pleasure to be inside she's cumfortable
She wasn't a skinny or bony screw, she was cumfortable
by dustyp August 6, 2019
A lady of negotiable affections is one who enjoys sex at a price.
She was an amateur lady of negotiable affections. "How much for a quickie?"
"I'm not on the game. As it's you. Now that you've got me drunk, just pay for a taxi back to your place. I can't wait."

In my bedroom, I slipped out of my boxers and into her. She was lush, moist and dying for it. Buying her an expensive meal with two bottles of wine had been worth my money.
by dustyp June 9, 2020