Please add: 1) an expression of surprise or bewilderment, concerning an event or accident. Disappointment or displeasure is clearly implied.
2) a signal of resignation, coming from the realization of one's powerlessness in a situation, or, alternatively, one's boredom.
1) You just unpacked a new camera to find the lens broken.
2) Your wife has just griped that your second attempt to clean out the garage is still inadequate. Here, wtf is preceded by "OK,....."
by henpecked March 23, 2005
wtf is that, a halo?
by Spauk May 20, 2003
"Where's The Food?" It is simply used in a situation where instead of following the popular use of an inappropriate word, the person uses "Food"

It can also be used in a time of hunger.
by CizzleK August 6, 2007
1. stands for 'what the fuck'
2. usually used in a question, but not always
3. mostly used in written form, but can also be verbally said
4. sounds funny... especially when you add 'mate' to the end
wtf mate?

She comes up to me and slaps me and i'm all wtf...?

In text (or not): wtf is wrong with you?
by shortaaay May 12, 2008
generally stands for "words take flight'.

wtf will make a bold universal statement.

wtf is an attempt to break a Guinness World Records record

wtf is about education and empowerment.

wtf on november 2, 2009 from beatutiful Miami
6 women 30 Articles 10 Days 1 Goal


Words Take Flight: Guinness World Record Attempt
by six members of the International Solidarity for Human Rights.

Watch it LIVE on the Miami Dade College website.
by 6women October 4, 2009
WTF, Welcome to Facebook.....
WTF, What the F**k.....

^^^ either mean the same
Someone you hate just joined Facebook and you say, what the f**k (wtf) on their wall. Their new so they will ask what it means, Welcome to Facebook (wtf).
by Abbeyy June 29, 2011

wtf means what the fuck, used in IM's and online gaming.
wtf was that all about?
by paris243545678687453 August 27, 2006