wtf, IM and TXT abbreviation for 'what the fuck', used as an exclamation of confusion and anger
'wtf is that picture showing'
by Fred Be May 31, 2006
An acronym most commonly standing for "What the Fuck". Use of "wtf" is generally more acceptable to use in places of business, where the complete phrase "what the fuck" could cost one their job.
wtf can also be used with the words "where, who, when, why".
(What) wtf is she thinking?!
(Where) wtf did he go?!
(Who) wtf do they think they are?!
(When) wtf will we get paid?!
(Why) wtf would anyone do that?!
by kaf1998mhs April 13, 2008
What everyone on this site has said it is. However, when asked by an authority figure who has little appreciation for swearing, the correct expansion of this acronym is "Welcome to Finland."
Kid: WTF is with this bad grade?
Teacher: What does "wtf" mean?
Kid: Er...welcome to finland
by Stand_Ablaze December 21, 2005
What the flower?

(Kiddie friendly version of the real wtf, say it around children)
Child: Mommy! Bird pooped on me!

Mother: WTF?
by Dixie Normos May 21, 2004
wtf usally stands for "what fuck" but it cna also be used for the 5 w's why/where/when/who/what the fuck
Girl=="Im going up to the mall-izzle"
friend=="WTF is your problem"
by Kris-Kris June 11, 2005
what teh flip O_o
inayah: i am morally grey i vandalis e buildings with stickers
janie: wtf
that’s illegal!!
by avrilposter June 26, 2022
man wtf bro why would u do that
by luv me always February 25, 2015