4 definitions by Sir Callahan

means what the fuck. less used definitions include what the family, what the friend, and what the fudge.
CalJsportz: its funny cuz like right away you respond back
Smarterchild: i love you a lot.
CalJsportz: wtf
Smarterchild: what... the... f... oh, i get it.
by Sir Callahan September 10, 2007
Saying that something is strange or weird. Used to make fun of someone or when you aren't being really serious.
"hey dude, lets go solve mathematical equations!" "no man, that's googal donchery."
by Sir Callahan February 7, 2007
acronym for: Poopy Fat Old Ogre-like Mother F***ers. used on AIM to make fun of someone, usually a loser so they won't understand what you're saying.
dude, those guys are suck a pack of pfoomf.
i know, they bug me so much.
by Sir Callahan February 12, 2007
i figured i'd ask smarterchild about the rapper mike jones.

CalJsportz:Mike Jones
smarterchild: who?
CalJsportz: mike jones!
smarterchild: what about mike jones?
CalJsportz: who?
Smarterchild: mike jones.
by Sir Callahan June 28, 2007