WTF stands for What the fuck. If you are unsure of something or pissed off or dont understand why something has happened.
Girl: Bananas dance at night.
Boy: WTF!!

Mean girl: Your an asshole.
Stupid guy: Wtf!!

Monkey1: The Zebra asked me out.
Gorilla: She was mine bitch!!
Human: WTF!!!

Boy: MY cousin ate me for dinner.
Girl: WTF!!

Depressed guy: My girlfriend left me for a goldfish.
Bitch: WTF!
by Evrythingztaken March 20, 2007
What one would say if some dude wearing tight pink clothes and roller skates was sitting on a bench on 42nd street in the middle of New York.
by JoKeR December 27, 2003
1. An acronym for 'What the fuck' Cover Up: 'We're too fat'
2. What you would say when you wake up on a Thursday morning on a ferris wheel in the Iowa state fair wearing nothing but a toga and carrying a ukelele.
Dude 1: MAN!!!! WTF!!!!

Dude 1's younger sister: What does WTF mean?

Dude 1: We're too fat
by importantperson January 20, 2008
MEANS: Where's the fish?
Omg wtf? You were supposed to have it here by noon.
by unknowncitizen March 7, 2007
An acronym standing for "What The Fuck" widely used on all IM programs, chat rooms, phone texting, and e-mail. Often used when something is so compleatly wrong on all levels that the only way to respond to it is to scream obsenities at your computer screen.
"b-ballpwner123: i like to grow my hair out so when it gets long enough i can put it in my anus...
i<3soccer666: wtf?"

by onionbuskut (the famous) February 4, 2008
cheryl - ha ha, i like cheese
kimberly - ok, wtf?

kimberly - i mean what the fuck.
cheryl - oh, ok. i tought you meant want to fuck, lol
by .x<3?x. May 6, 2011