What one would say if some dude wearing tight pink clothes and roller skates was sitting on a bench on 42nd street in the middle of New York.
by JoKeR December 27, 2003
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Usually misunderstood as "what the fuck", real purpose of this word is to welcome guests in Finland, "Welcome to Finland"
David: Nice to meet you, and wtf.
John: What? I'm leaving.
by David Odd December 30, 2011
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1. An acronym for 'What the fuck' Cover Up: 'We're too fat'
2. What you would say when you wake up on a Thursday morning on a ferris wheel in the Iowa state fair wearing nothing but a toga and carrying a ukelele.
Dude 1: MAN!!!! WTF!!!!

Dude 1's younger sister: What does WTF mean?

Dude 1: We're too fat
by importantperson January 20, 2008
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MEANS: Where's the fish?
Omg wtf? You were supposed to have it here by noon.
by unknowncitizen March 7, 2007
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cheryl - ha ha, i like cheese
kimberly - ok, wtf?

kimberly - i mean what the fuck.
cheryl - oh, ok. i tought you meant want to fuck, lol
by .x<3?x. May 6, 2011
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Stands for...

1. What the fuck

2. Why the face, a school-appropriate way to say 'What the fuck'.
Person 1: Hey, i heard that the guy you like is gay!

Person 2: WTF! What the fuck!


Person 2: Sorry! Why the face! I really liked him!
by WHY THE FACE! October 27, 2009
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where's the food.

who taped frank?
why's that furry?
you are at a party & you cant find the food :
by aniggawidabrain June 10, 2011
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