wtf:what tom-foolery

normally used by the discerning gentleman in place of more boorish terms.
Gentleman 1:Good evening gents, shall we have a gander at this picture of a fat ugly emo lesbian mexican wrestler with hooks for hands?

Gentleman 2:What-ho, sounds like a smashing idea.

Gentleman 3:I say gents wtf is this.
by LDE December 10, 2007
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whack the frog as said on a spin off of yugioh the abridged series created by littlekuriboh.
like weevil,wtf means like,whack the frog or something.....

by mac_money October 9, 2006
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An acronym standing for "What The Fuck" widely used on all IM programs, chat rooms, phone texting, and e-mail. Often used when something is so compleatly wrong on all levels that the only way to respond to it is to scream obsenities at your computer screen.
"b-ballpwner123: i like to grow my hair out so when it gets long enough i can put it in my anus...
i<3soccer666: wtf?"

by onionbuskut (the famous) February 4, 2008
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man wtf bro why would u do that
by luv me always February 25, 2015
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Well that’s fantastic
Hey mom I got a.

A+ on my test today wtf I’m so proud of you
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what teh flip O_o
inayah: i am morally grey i vandalis e buildings with stickers
janie: wtf
that’s illegal!!
by avrilposter June 26, 2022
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