short for the words: what the fuck or what the frig
teacher: 25 - 8 + 2x=85

student: wtf?
by plazma rain March 14, 2008
Stands for...

1. What the fuck

2. Why the face, a school-appropriate way to say 'What the fuck'.
Person 1: Hey, i heard that the guy you like is gay!

Person 2: WTF! What the fuck!


Person 2: Sorry! Why the face! I really liked him!
by WHY THE FACE! October 27, 2009
wtf:what tom-foolery

normally used by the discerning gentleman in place of more boorish terms.
Gentleman 1:Good evening gents, shall we have a gander at this picture of a fat ugly emo lesbian mexican wrestler with hooks for hands?

Gentleman 2:What-ho, sounds like a smashing idea.

Gentleman 3:I say gents wtf is this.
by LDE December 10, 2007
where's the food.

who taped frank?
why's that furry?
you are at a party & you cant find the food :
by aniggawidabrain June 10, 2011
Jack wtf did u send me
by brahhh May 4, 2015
whack the frog as said on a spin off of yugioh the abridged series created by littlekuriboh.
like weevil,wtf means like,whack the frog or something.....

by mac_money October 9, 2006
means what the fuck. less used definitions include what the family, what the friend, and what the fudge.
CalJsportz: its funny cuz like right away you respond back
Smarterchild: i love you a lot.
CalJsportz: wtf
Smarterchild: what... the... f... oh, i get it.
by Sir Callahan September 10, 2007