The police, 5-0, pigs, bacon boys, breakfast meat, officers of the gatdamn law!
Ahh shit...putcha seat belt on..them boys is rollin up.
by Hybrid 216 December 3, 2003
It is a video in youtube where a kid shows his shoes
Boy them hoes clean
by thicc_robot August 28, 2017
When your out and you are sexually attracted to chick nugs so you walk into McDonald's like hit meee up wid them chick nugs boiiiii, then the fat cunt at the counter takes like 7 years to give u your fuckin chick nugs and when the prick finally hits you up with dat goodness you realise the absolute g gave you an extra 5 chick nugs. Now when we walk into McDonald's we say Hit me up with them chick nugs boi.
Fat kid at the counter : Hello what Would you like to order?
Me: Wag1 don hit me up with them chick nugs boi
by CoryH September 17, 2016
If y'all finna fight somebody need to throw them big boys.
by JaylynnSnow May 1, 2020