Spanglish slang: when someone's appearance looks a little sloppy; often in reference to uncombed hair.
were you in a hurry this morning? you look all wongo.
by wastinmoola January 24, 2004
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Super Awesome or The coolest thing you've ever seen/heard
Rex "Hey max that cat over there is so wongo"
Max "Rex that's a rock"
Rex "why is this brown paper with grass in it smoking"
by TorqueMadness May 31, 2015
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additive to wanker
can be used as an insult
or in confusion
thats wongo man

you wongo wanker
by zafo April 24, 2003
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When you are about to start a race, slurring together the words "one" and "go"
3, 2, wongo!
by kweentini May 06, 2018
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noun; boobies, titties. preferably of the large variety, but not a necessary component of the word. wongos are typically nice, full breasts; generally not saggy. they are found in all regions of the world.
Will: "Hey, check out those wongos! What a pair!"

James: "I'd like to drippity drippity on her wongos! They look as good as Scarlett Johansen's!"

Michael: "I like her, but she's lacking in the wongo department"
by chaicreampie March 04, 2012
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