a person who moves their arm up and down, womping while listening to dubstep. in addition to womping, they usualy trip on acid and/or other drugs. There are often pictures of neon lights, kaleidoscopes, glow sticks, and/or picures of themselves smoking. they usually tag themselves in pictures of them at a rave, even if only their finger is in the picture. they usually are very annoying and obnoxious people who sometime wear fuzzy boots and kandi bracelets.
Anna: hey Mariya you wanna go to skrillex this weekend?
Mariya: yea i'll buy the drugs! how many mg's you want?

Anna: enough to get me really fucked up, so we can take really cool pictures!
Mariya: Anna you're such a womper!
by conqueeftador24 December 12, 2011
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To fold ur hand like a ducks mouth. Normally used to grab a booby. When grabbed you person says WOMMMMPP!
The womper grabbed my girlfriends boob.
by Mr. Tony February 06, 2008
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Its pretty much what ever you can imagine... Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, whateva you want. Mostly used to take place of naughty words.
That destiny sure knows how to womper up a good one.
Boys like to womper girls.
Womper is one of the three main food groups.
Your wompering it longer.
by jnsamr4924 November 28, 2010
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Someone who goes on and on talking about meaningless stuff that no one wants to hear about. but they keep talking and talking and talking and...
Jimmy was womping about how his girlfriend was "soooo hottt", but no one cared.
by rae October 19, 2004
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A descriptive term when something or someone is winding down or becoming a downer. Derived from the audible in some cartoons and older movies when a character was largely disappointed or something went significantly wrong (it sounded similar to the phoentic spelling of: "waa waam waaam waaaamp"). A "womper" experience might be likened to the feeling of going home with a super hot girl and then experiencing erectile dysfunction.
Let's do this, just to make sure someone isn't a womper at the end of the day.
by profff May 29, 2008
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