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Acromym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Large women who have a huge chunk of skin right above the pussy. Also called a KICKER because their knees smack it as they walk.
That woman is so fat she has a Fupa.

Dude, did you see the kicker on that lady?
by Rae June 19, 2006

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These tight azz shoes that rock hard!
I just got some new Adios
by Rae January 15, 2005

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little tiny shorts
daisy dukes
poom-poom shorts
by rae August 02, 2003

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Fake Breasts
She said "I want you to climb in this underwear, silly"
But I was turned off by her tupper-ware titties
by rae October 21, 2003

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The Right Thurr Song from Chingy thats when the ghetto ebonics all started.
"YO G look at that mami right Thurr."
Is is also a slag for english vocabulary. Right There
by Rae March 07, 2004

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A house other know as a Crib.
"yo Plays lets bounce outa this hizzhouse"
by Rae October 26, 2003

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A can of lard. A fatass that you kick around the street.
that friggin lard can stole my twinkie...bitch!
by Rae October 01, 2004

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