used before and after a statement as a complaining/crying effect usually to make fun of the person stating something or yourself.
waa my bike just got stolen waa

waa i lost my job waa

waa that chick turned out to be a guy waa
by DJ HAVOC July 7, 2006
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1. Bullshit! That's a lie.
2. Reverses the meaning of a statement.

Variation is wah!

See similar meaning wordis it/word
1. Baz: "I have a huge dick" Jay: "Waa".
2. Jay to Baz: "Your penis is big, waa!"
by X-treem August 28, 2003
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The nether regions of a womans genital region.
".........her waa was massive"

"i had my hand up her waa"

"i went waa licking"
by Edge August 8, 2003
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The sound a trombone with a mute makes. The trombone often being played by a man with sunglasses and a berret. Two consecutive notes in a row, the first being higher than the second. Only used when someone does something dumb.
"Hahaha, that fucker backed into the car! Waa-waa!" or "You blew bong juice all over your pants! Waa-waa!"
by Pete April 21, 2003
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Someone who is always bitching and whining about someone or something. A crybaby. A whiner.
Dan: I just found out my girlfriend has been screwing my best friend.

Kevin: Stop being such a waa waa and kick his ass!
by Roger Bauer August 1, 2006
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1. Used by the maker of a joker after he tells the joke and receives no laughs.
2. Sign of failure in telling a joke.
3. Often used after bow chica bow now.
man: "Hey, this guy was like 'Let me drive your car' and this girl was like 'Okay, it's a stick.'" Bow chica bow now! (No response) Waa-waa!"
by M Zooks December 4, 2004
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a nice way of saying vagina, like lady garden, fufu, britney
"omg did you totally just see my waa-waa?"
" and he tried to feel my waa-waa and i was like HELLLL noooo"
by lalala ;) November 10, 2008
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