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A one piece garment that is an odd mix between a shirt and a shorts. Often worn by gay men. It must also be noted that those who do wear male rompers usually are flaming gay not masculine gay.

Latin root word: "rumper" meaning: to take it up the rump.
"Joey bought a male romper." Friend 1.

"Bruh, you know what that means? He is DTR (down to rump)" Friend 2.

"He couldn't decide if he wanted a cargo shorts or a t-shirt." Friend 1.

"Yeah but that also means he's DTR and loves blowjobs." Friend 2.

"Yasssssss" Friend 1.

"Omg Carl! I had to take off my male romper to take a shit. I was butt ass naked and cold." "I saw a glory hole and that warmed me up inside." Friend 1

"Hell nooooo, Bobby! I told you to leave those glory holes alone." "Don't let your male romper touch this nasty floor." Friend 2
by Male Romper May 18, 2017
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