A fully-grown female, the younger of which a wordgirl/word.
For all of those "men" saying that a woman's only place is either in the bedroom or the kitchen, remember that it takes a man AND a woman to make a child, and that your mother didn't have to give birth to your stupid ass.
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
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the female half of the human race. different from man in a few ways
1. More creative due to more right-brained-ness
2. Slighter smaller muscle mass
3. The ability to give birth
4. Usually more emotional due to biology
5. Usually less sex-crazed, again due to biology
6. and the obvious
Women are equal to men, and whoever say otherwise needs to be put in jail.
by *tweak* October 09, 2003
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roughly half of the earths population if not less, for some reason.
You know, its really hard seeing all this shit smeared everywhere about women being useless peices of skin around a pussy when YOUR MOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR HAIRY ASS.

good day.
by renalovesit March 26, 2007
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They are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

They should not be pushed down, instead empowered.
They should not be treated unfair and unjust, instead treated as equals.

The uniqueness of each of them should not be dismissed instead celebrated.

Their talents and skills should not be pushed aside, instead appreciated.

They are all beautiful in their own utterly amazing way.
by Atotaloil June 27, 2016
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Who your daughter will grow up to be. Raise her right.
"I can't believe that my little girl is already a woman!"
by Kartoon Kween January 10, 2008
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