Get Your Everlovin' Random On - an ever growing movement on internet message boards in which posters string the most random thoughts together in one thread. It's a lot like Seinfeld meets Jim Rome meets message board. Originally started on by a group known as the Wodie Crew, the movement has recently gone global to other internet sites.
Example GYERO entries:

*Never had a Jaegerbomb till yesterday. Bad times later.

*Reggie Bush EEK^1000

** Finished reading Augusta, by Steve Eubanks. Pretty weak book, but...

* Way too much to drink last night, oh well....

* Miami and Alabama's losses looked like it opened up the at-large BCS Berth for Ohio State

* Great games yesterday; how can Bush have 550 total yards, and USC still only wins by 8; Fresno's 2 losses: USC and Oregon
by TXWildcat97 December 5, 2005
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