Black slang for "holler" - used as an exclamation of an understood, universal awareness, affirmation, arrival or recognition of a particular reality or a person or both.
(A student gives a speech at graduation where she references an inside, maybe taboo, experience that all students are aware of. When other students begin to call out a key word, acknowledging the fact to her in support, she laughs and echoes back... "Hollah!"
by quandeco February 20, 2015
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a ghetto word to be used in greeting, can be espescially useful if it is capitalized at strange intervals
by anonymous April 25, 2004
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In Vietnam, a soldier would make a five dollah hollah for a quick sexual favor by the Vietnamese hooker.

Could also be used in a daily situation.
Dude; Hey brah, I just walked down china town, and i five dollah hollah'd and I got it it all for 2 dollars bro.

Dude2; They had a sale on the five dollah hollah?
by LL cool B January 19, 2010
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A nasty ass whore that costs two bucks a fuck.
You will never be lonely with the two dollah hollah.
by johnny richter February 21, 2005
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To hit on, to talk to someone at another moment and to swear this on your mother.
i'll talk to you later alright ?
by nfiver August 29, 2003
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