i would liek to correct everyone who ha written a definition for tippin. Tippin is when one side of ur car is lowered so it tips to one side. Hence the name tippin. You guys are thinkin of swangin. THats when you swerve from side to side to show off ur car.
Still Tippin on 4 4's- Slim Thug
by ScottM January 21, 2006
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commonly used in dmv slang to describe someone who has snitching tendencies
Moe: Aye brah u know they be trappin out the bathroom
Bob: You tippin like shit moe
by Richard Milliee May 19, 2020
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Short for the phrase "tippin' on my dick". Used when a male or female is being heavily & often overly aggresively pursued, usually for sexual desires, by the opposite sex. 'Tippin' is mainly used when someone is desperately flirting with another person and it is annoying or hilariously obvious that that person is wanting some!
In Example: "Damn, today Daniel was tippin hard"; "Girl needs to stop tippin, she's lookin desperate"; "I think Jamie is tippin, what a slut!"
by shhlothieee May 27, 2010
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to cruise or drive in your car.
He was tippin' in his escalade.
by coco139888 February 18, 2005
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Done in the south. This is when you are cruising in your car slowly down a street and swerving left to right.
Yea cu' i still be tippin' in my rydz on dem 44'z.
by DAY-DAY May 15, 2005
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dude 1: bro you ok?

dude 2: yea man, im only tippin.
by metahoudini January 30, 2012
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