Wheezing Your Ass Off. When you’re laughing so hard, that you begin wheezing so hard.
“ I’m WMAF rn sis, the tea is hot”.
“Girl sameeee”
by smhmakal February 25, 2019
White male Asian female.

An interracial relationship between an Asian women and a White man. The most popular interracial pairing in the world.
Andrea: I've been seeing a lot of WMAF couples lately, I wonder why that is.
Kelly: Me too, maybe its something in the air lmao
Andrea: Almost all the asian girls I know are with White men, they look really good together.
by wmaf July 7, 2020
White Male Asian Female.

The interracial relationship between a White Man and Asian Woman.
Look at that beautiful WMAF couple over there, they look so good together!
by 1309482802 August 6, 2020
White Male Asian Female.

WMAF has entered pop culture consciousness thanks to prominent celebrities entering WMAF relationships, such as Woody Allen, Mike Cernovich, Andrew Anglin and Tila Tequila.

A stereotypical trope of WMAF is the male partner is an alt-right winger who dislikes white women and believes in stereotypes of subservient Asian women, paired together with a female partner who believes in Hollywood and Disney.
Mike: I'm not racist, I am in a WMAF relationship.

Celeste: That's beautiful. Love transcends boundaries. You are courageous for being so progressive.
by ElliotBrownie November 20, 2020
an abbreviation for a type of racial pairing. likely first came up as a hashtag on porn websites, and due to such sites made the way for the abbreviation to be more recognized outside such areas. may be a fetish, hashtag, or just a general description of a couple.

often shamed by those who are against miscegenation, and other bigots. their main issue seems to be the WM portion of the pairing. comparing the AF portion to having stockholm syndrome, and believing it to spit in the face of AMAF racially pure pairings. this attitude often comes from the west, although the east can be just as discriminatory. this discrimination of the westerners is most often found among the older xenophobic generations. while the wests discrimination appears to have its roots in a younger generation, it doesn't appear to be xenophobic, but more of a strange projection of their own feelings onto the couple.
#1: i searched WMAF on xhamster, but couldn't find the actress i was really wanting.

#2: my friend was in a WMAF relationship, and his girlfriend cried when she saw what people thought of them online.
by squidfaic February 19, 2020
White male Asian female relationship, there is nothing wrong with WMAF relationships they are normal relationships, Though many leftist because of their hatred for white men, they see this form of relationship as some form of evil to be extinguish.
Oh hey, there's Dan and Amy. (a WMAF relationship)
by Average_Conservative January 21, 2019