Angels are jealous of her beauty. Every man in this world adores her. She is the perfect human being. A unique girl . Any guy would be lucky to have her. Immensely intelligent, although she can have that cute-stupid attitude that makes men fall for her. Great smile, perfect sense of humour. Must not be seen wearing glasses. Inspires others, especially wanna-be artists. She is one of the nine muses, and surely the best of them. If you are lucky, you can meet one Celeste in your life. Does not like to repeat what she says. Can be stressful at times, but that can be fixed if you make her laugh by imitating people she knows! A dreamy wifey. Overall, she is one in a million
-Oh God, i think i have fallen in love with Celeste!
-Cállate Klaus, don't be so stupid!
-She is my muse guys! You will never undestand...
by Klaus_November March 13, 2015
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Celeste is such a wonderful person. She’s super pretty. She’s just drop dead gorgeous. She has that cute-stupid-attitude which makes guys or girls fall in love with her. When people tell her she’s pretty and cute and adorable she’ll deny it or if your a girl and you say that to her she’ll say something like “all you”. She always wants people to feel special and feel loved. She sometimes has trouble making friends because everyone is really fake to her. She has such a warm and welcoming personality and heart that everyone is always dying to fall into her arms and hope to some day marry her. She the ideal girlfriend who will treat you right. She gets bullied a whole lot , but only sometimes it gets to her. In conclusion she’s the ideal person to be hanging out with because she will make your day. She will make you smile, laugh, and many other emotions. She the ideal best friend you want to have who won’t switch up on you.
Celeste you look so pretty today
Thank you , but that’s all you
by celeste_castro January 27, 2019
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A certain breed of people that the word sexy will often be used to describe. Very elegant flow. Although can be very nerdy at times, are some of the most amazing individuals. Never dull moments with these ones. Can be very playful and especially like to hang out with friends. Love to smile and laugh.
Look at that Celeste there!
by lovethewholeuniverse April 6, 2015
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A girl that is of 'Goddess' status. Listens to only the best music, knows how to kick ass. One that listens to only the best music, and will commit a fly kick to those whose music is "garbage". A piece of 'hot ass', that can cook Italian food and hold her own in a cypher. Only the luckiest are able to survive around her, let alone touch her.
Wow, I think I love you... you're a Celeste.
by lovethewholeuniverse April 6, 2015
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Describes someone or something that is extremely dope, almost heavenly
That movie was so Celeste!

by lovethewholeuniverse April 6, 2015
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It’s a funny nice girl who has brown eyes and a nice simle and is a little tall and has a thoughtful personality
Celeste is very funny.
by Bell ace March 15, 2018
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An absolutely beautiful girl. She's not a slut or a whore. She's one of the most perfect girls in the universe. She's the perfect girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, anything in between. Any guy would be perfect to have her. She usually has a slim body, just like an hour glass. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She may seem shy at first when you meet her, but when she gets used to you, she's crazy af. Celeste's are just the most perfect, amazing, smart, beautiful, and awesomest girl you could meet. If you have a Celeste in your life, keep her, especially if your a guy. Chances are other guys want her. She's an easy girl to make happy. She's an amazing girlfriend to have. Celeste is amazing at sports. And no matter how many times people say it. Celeste's are incredibly sexy!
Did you see Celeste?
Yeah she looked awesome!
Of course, she's a Celeste
by Lane December 25, 2014
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