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A cringeworthy coupling between an Asian girl and a white guy in which they spend more time denigrating Asian men to justify their relationship than actually being happy together.
WMAF couple: We're together because Asian men are patriarchal, evil, short, small, dirty, blah blah blah...

Rational adult: If you're only dating person A because you hate person B, then you're not dating them for the right reasons.
by Butthurt Western Gentleman August 28, 2019
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WMAF couples are toxic relationships derived from colonisation.

The white male is typically a beta loser who white women doesn’t want to fuck so he has to go for “the next best thing” the irony of this is that they often chat shit about Asian males to make themselves look more masculine whereas Tyrone is still fucking Becky in bed.

The Asian female in this case is a ‘twinky bitch’ meaning she’s deeply insecure and would give anything to be “white,” including shitting on every Asian male in her family. She is the definition of self-hatred and insecurity.

There are many famous products of WMAF relationships, the most famous being Elliot Rodger who committed the Isla Vista massacre.

While not every WMAF is about insecurity, hatred, and white-worshipping, the latter is more often true.
For e.g. WMAF: Annie destroyed every Asian identity she had to go and marry a 50 year old white beta loser who thinks Asian women are like anime characters and waifu pillows.
by InsecurePinkBoy August 10, 2018
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A creepy relationship between a white male and an Asian female that is predicated on (1) the white male fetishizing the Asian female as an exotic sex object and (2) the Asian female being desperate for approval from white males because she feels internalized racism toward her own race.
Hollywood frequently pushes WMAF couples in commercials, television shows, and films as a subtle form of propaganda.
by Donald Scum October 14, 2018
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A white male and Asian female couple. You can find them everywhere in Asian restaurants and Asian American festivals, often outnumbering Asian-Asian couples. In America, these couples outnumber AMWF (Asian male white female) couples by at least 3 to 1, causing children of WMAF couples to wonder why it's always the mother who is Asian. The answer to this question has been revealed by data from several dating sites showing Asian women are the only group who prefers to date white men over their own race; all other groups including Asian men and white men/women prefer to date within their own race.
Elliot Rodgers is a product of a WMAF couple.
by Quiklane September 14, 2016
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WMAF stands for a White Male Asian Female and refers to a couple in an interracial relationship.

Interracial relationships like this are considered controversial to some people, especially those who think that people should date their own race. Some people claim that a White Male Asian Female relationship is racist, while others think that the people who oppose interracial relationships are actually the racist ones.

People get into interracial relationships for a variety of reasons, and these reasons vary by person to person. Interracial relationships allow people to choose mates based on personal preferences and expand the number of potential mates beyond what is in their own race.
There seem to be more WMAF couples these days. I wonder what the attraction is.
by Consolidated Anonymouse April 18, 2019
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White male Asian female relationship, there is nothing wrong with WMAF relationships they are normal relationships, Though many leftist because of their hatred for white men, they see this form of relationship as some form of evil to be extinguish.
Oh hey, there's Dan and Amy. (a WMAF relationship)
by Average_Conservative January 20, 2019
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