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A really awesome guy. Loyal, trustworthy and super smart. He’s the kind of guy you never want to let go off. He will always go out of his way to help you. Once you have a Nikhil, keep him. He is one of a kind.
Oh shit that’s a nikhil! You’re so lucky
by Shrekislove June 19, 2018
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A nice caring guy that can brighten up your day with just a conversation! Usually nice, caring, awesome and cool. He usually gives himself low self-esteem but in reality, everyone likes Nikhil.
Guy 1: Wow, dude, that guy was so kind!
Guy 2: He must be a Nikhil...
by I love food & Unicorns May 05, 2018
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A Nikhil is a person that is super smart, caring, and cunning. They are kind of shy and drawn back, but they are very open with their friends. Nikhils are attentive and rule breaking at the same time, and love to hang out with their friends. They are athletic and excel in sports and studies.
“Hey, did you here that Nikhil’s coming to the party?”
No way, I’m definitely going now”
by IronMan42 June 19, 2018
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The epitome of manliness. You don't touch this studmuffin unless you've got boobs and a vagina. So strong he could break any bone in your body by sneezing. He's a guy you just don't mess with.
Holy shit, don't mess with that guy over there, the one with 8 girls around him, he's a Nikhil.
by tu sabe April 12, 2008
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a totally hot awesome super sex god. often loved by men just as much as women love him, but he's not a fag. looks good in spandex too. part of the pillarz
woah, that hot indian guy, he's such a Nikhil
by hottie69 March 30, 2008
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Someone who tends to repeat words of praise to no end (e.g. "respect" and "times"). While such a person is a brilliant engineer and mathematician, they are hopeless when it comes to counting shots.
"Hey man take it easy, that's you're twelfth shot."
"Respect yo, Respect, Respect, Respect, Respect, this is my 1452nd shot."
"Oh you're such a Nikhil!"
by Demostheness January 02, 2010
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