A girl thats half sweet, half nuts.
Its cool that she makes me pancakes, but does she have to deliver them to me at 5am?
by macLinton August 29, 2005
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To give a person head (suck on their penis) while the person operates an automobile.
Samantha gave Bobby a candybar on the way to school.
by <>< thefishkid November 14, 2006
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A phrase Mark used during a short term of school!
Was so famous that it was recorded once.
Say it! Say it!
I'm not your Puppet.
by Mark Jackson. January 18, 2009
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(a) A person fills their mouth with ice and lets it cool down for a minute or two. They then remove the ice and proceed to give a man a blow job.

(b) After you take a poop/shit you determine if one of the turds resembles a candy bar (it must be close in width and length to a average candy bar). You remove the turd and place it in a freezer. At some point later, you can offer it to a 'friend' and sell it off as a frozen candy bar.
This is very tricky, but the payoff is priceless.
Depending on the situation, you basically don't want to ever ask for an 'Alaskan Candybar' because you wouldn't be sure what you're going to get.

Guy: "Hey girl, would you mind hitting me up with an 'Alaskan Candybar'?"
Girl: "You're disgusting!"
Guy: "Ohh... no way sweetie, I was just looking for a B.J. not a turd candybar"
by PanamaMN June 5, 2008
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the sound a person makes when a frozen candybar is surprisingly shoved inside a delicate part of their body
Mandy was enjoying the latest Marvel movie when Albert slipped a Snicker through her shorts and out came the candybar bark!!
by von groovy June 14, 2019
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Johnny was full after eating the mexican candybar he found in the men's restroom.

The three most popular flavors of mexican candybars are: peanut, corn, or chewed bubble gum.

Jorge purchased a frozen mexican candybar from the barrio ice cream man.
by guido#24 August 3, 2009
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you dip your dick in chocolate and make your partner eat it after anal sex
Honey that polish candybar was spectacular.
by Pollock killer 420 March 26, 2010
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