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Canadian chain store based in Montreal, as all Canadian clothing stores, are and situated all over Canada (and in the US now too). A more expensive, higher-quality version of Stitches, which is a store that sells utterly crap hip-hop/skater clothing. Basically, Urban Planet has 4 brand labels: Urban Planet, Sirens, Seduction, and Whisper. They sell clothes of all styles, from preppy to hip-hop to vaguely goth, for very affordable prices. The service at some stores (eg the Promenade Mall superstore in Thornhill, ON) is pretty shitty though, although other stores make up for that. Urban Planet is probably the most risque of all Canadian clothing stores and sells a lot of "out-there" items (eg. micro mini skirts, very low-cut halter tops, and tank tops that say "Looking for a man"), but you can get some gorgeous, non-designer, punk/goth-looking stuff there very cheap, so I love it.
I just bought a green striped top (like that girl on the NIN webcam wore) at Urban Planet. It cost me $5 (like $3.50 US for all you Americans). How amazing is that?
by marla x0 August 13, 2004

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Pure and simple, the Trent Reznor of hip-hop.
Can go from gritty gangsta to poppy party tracks to vitriolic tirades against the American government and sound absolutely genuine while doing it.
The best lyricist in hip-hop at the moment.
-You rep me respectfully, that's how I rep for you
-Vote for who now? You're red, white and blue? I'm American too, but I ain't with the president's crew!
-Many tried, many died, come at Nas if you want a war, get it bloody....I got mine, I hope you got yourself a gun.
-I'm the leader, thats it, nobody higher Nobody touchin my crown, nobody dyin Nobody smoother, harder, tougher, believe it I'm much smarter, much more strategic.
by marla x0 February 14, 2005

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A Latin American style of shawl, traditionally woven from wool, but now can be made from any material. It's basically a piece of cloth wrapped around the shoulders and hanging down to your waist, and it has a hole for the head in the middle. It was extremely popular in the 1970s. Supposedly, trendy grade school kids are wearing them now, but I'm in college and I wouldn't know about that.
I just bought a black fishnet poncho with sequins, which will form an integral part of my new "1970s punk/porn" style.
by marla x0 July 28, 2004

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Thick-soled, usually platform-heeled sandals or shoes. Some heels can be as high as 8 inches...those are too uncomfortable for normal life though. 4 or 4.5 inch-ones are cool. I have 2 pairs of more-or-less pornstar shoes, but, just for the record, all my shoes with heels are thick.
I wear pornstar shoes to show my individuality and to pay tribute to 1970s punk culture (which was close to porn)...I even wore a pair to my prom banquet, and no one gave a shit.
by marla x0 July 28, 2004

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A type of shoe, with a round toe and thicker platform sole in the front that narrows towards the back. Wedges have no actual "heel". They look cool if you want to look more "mainstream" but do not actually want to buy spike heels.
I have black leather wedge sandals with a 4.5 inch sole. They felt very uncomfortable at first because I had never worn a wedge heel before, but now they feel fine.
by marla x0 December 21, 2004

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Faded red color, a cross between red and pink, associated with sailing shirts worn on the island of Nantucket, MA. What happens when you leave a red clothing item lying out in the sun too long. Not just for WASPy millionaires anymore...any Cape Cod-associated subculture can wear it, albeit in slightly "different" ways.
I descended on Cape Cod in a gauzy Nantucket Red and black leopard print top, ready to raise some hell and to flirt with the hot goths.
I left a red T-shirt in the sun too long, and now it's a lovely faded Nantucket Red.
by marla x0 April 20, 2005

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New NIN album, which will come out May 3, 2005. The album will include 12 hard songs, rumored to be like "12 punches to the face." Supposedly, there won't be any chords on the album, although that is doubtful, and sadly, this time, there won't be any instrumentals. It's also more lyric-based (less atmospheric) than The Fragile..and more angry, too!
The release of With Teeth will be followed by the best day of my life - seeing Trent live for the first time with the hottest man in the world by my side, and then........sky is the limit ;-)
I cannot wait for the release of With Teeth. Trent Reznor will not disappoint us again.
by marla x0 January 23, 2005

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