The day a noble and honorable taurus is born. Best date known to man. The truest of taurus and the best loyal and confident people to walk the planet PERIOD.
“Hey its May 3rd
“Yeah its my birthday
“Oh shit! Dude i gotta keep you around your th damn best!”
by Taymalimall October 17, 2019
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“Hey bae


What’s that for”
“It’s May 3”
by The Hype Gurl May 2, 2021
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the best day w/ the best people born
oh you know ranesha?”
“isn’t she born on May 3?”
“if she is, gotta cuff
by ghostingyourboo October 19, 2019
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May 3 is the day a beautiful person was born and if u know someone on May 3 go and try to get them on u because they are good at it
"Hey you know Molly "
"Her bday is may 3"
"Oh sweet I'm gunna go hit her up"
by Xxxlittlegirl October 24, 2019
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May 3 national day of Giving someone you love flowers.
Hey! it’s May 3, I got you some flowers because I love you!
by Drippy bear May 2, 2021
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May 3rd is the day when the best dick sucker and rider was born. Hit someone with this birthday up. You won't regret it...I know I didn't ;)
Person A: Hey, isn't Alice's birthday on May 3rd?
Person B: Oh wait- I gotta go hit her up-
by Yama Yams November 24, 2020
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