What doctors used to remove foreskin in the mid-evil times
Patient: Those wire strippers look a little rusty
Doctor: They'll still get the job done
by daddyjenkins July 20, 2019
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1.Someone who has a good amount of money to spend
•Usually used by G boys or benefit boys
•Used by girls who can afford frontal wigs
1. Demola: Sinzu money, wire wire, spending! Boss wire my aza

Niyi: Oya send your aza
2. When I buy my frontal call me wire wire
by WireWire September 2, 2020
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A fantasy sports player who always drafts a bad team and then spends all season dropping and picking up numerous no name players with the hope that one of them might become good.
Bro, Josh made 5 waiver moves this week. He's a total waiver wire nigga
by Greaseman420 November 13, 2019
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A cut up wire to recharge dead vapes
yo bro my nic died pass me the tweaker wire
by #Xyzbca October 10, 2021
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An indication that drugs can be scored in a given location
The origins of this(before ii went all mainstream)
Was that if you saw a pair of tied together tennis shoes thrown over a telephone wire it meant drugs could be scored nearby
Those in y know would know where
Ted:"we go quail hunting tonight? Ned: "nuff". Ted:"shooz on a wire?" Ned:"I know a trap house".
by 4realazitgits March 18, 2021
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a temporary lapse of faculties caused by stressful situations
people who can Short Wire include autistics (like me) and people with PTSD (my sister and step dad)
the best thing to do when someone is short wiring is to leave them alone and let them work through it
whats wrong with that guy?
the fireworks caused him to Short Wire
by kingofthesharkmen May 21, 2021
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