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A device in the movie The Counselor. It comprises of a loop of alloy wire attached to a small electric motor. The device is thrown around someones neck and yanking the free wire starts the motor. The loops gets smaller and smaller, cutting open the victim's carotid arteries and/or decapitating them.
Man... Brad Pitt got fucked up by that bolito in The Counselor
by SwimmingBird92 November 15, 2013
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A murderous device ingeniously and deceptively named in a way to lead someone into thinking it's a cool exotic drink.
Man at the bar: "I'll have a mojito please."
Copycatting nerd at the bar: "Yeah, I'll have a bolito too, barman, sir, please."

BAM. One less patron.
by Psewdonim November 27, 2013
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