to have sneezes, burps, or even farts of the smallest scale;

one that trips on everything in sight, but not blonde
"did you hear that girl just fart?"
"no. it must've been a winne. i can sure smell it though!"

"did you see that? that winne just bit the dust while walking!"
"wow thats embarrassing."
"yea. she even farted too, but its a good thing nobody heard it."

"dude that girl just sneezed, burped, and farted at the same time! and no one noticed it! ive never seen such a winne!"
by tim (jcup) September 1, 2008
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hottie who is athletic, and usually funny. he also strives to be the best at everything he does.
See that cute kid? he's such a winn. He plays every sport.
by shwam10 November 9, 2012
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typically a strong athletic guy who has the looks and attracts all the girls. Any girl would be lucky to have him. He’s mostly funny and caring and would do anything for his girlfriend. And can cry during a sad movie! And if you have a winn then care for him as much as possible because there are a small amount of them in the world! He is very special and you should keep it him your heart forever
OMG is that Winn
Yeah isn’t he so hot and Athletic

Who is that
That’s Winn he’s so caring
by ??? KS October 16, 2019
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Hottest and most intelligent man alive. Tells Andrew Tate when its bed time and is smarter than Lasse, Joris and Koen combined. He's also known as 'god'
Koen: OMG is that Winne?
Lasse: Yeah! i didn't know he was chill like that.
Joris: Wow

Winne: Wassup my nigga
by SPINGBING0-100-45 December 8, 2022
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A Four Winns is a United States consumer boat manufacturer based in Cadillac, Michigan. The boat sizes range from 18' to 49'.
I just purchased a new Four Winns boat. This thing can move!!
by jtouran June 12, 2010
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