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Lasse is the definition of a really nice guy who is so awesome that if you`d count to his awesomeness, you would never get finished. Lasse is also a word for an extremely smart guy. (His IQ is over 9000)
Wow that guy is so Lasse. I wish that i could be just as Lasse as him.
by Flyin_Pig_of_Joy November 11, 2014
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A person that wants to hit every sexy lady in the world. That means a pervert.
"OMG you are a Lasse!"

"Stop being such a Lasse"
by iam2hot4u May 21, 2009
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A guy so otherworldly intelligent, that people around him think he's a nobody, but in his head he has the secrets of the universe.
You see that guy over there? I bet he's a Lasse.
by Cr3nzer June 20, 2015
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The kind of guy that would dedicate his life to maths and even go live in a cave so that he could study maths.

Lasses also knows the answer to everything, but they won't tell anyone.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen a Lasse somewhere around here? I forgot to do my maths homework.

Person 2: Try the library, I heard they set up a camp in there to study maths.

Person 1: Thanks man, I'll go have a look.

Person 2: Be careful though, they might try to convert you to become one of them.

Person 1: Ok, I'll be careful then, don't really fancy becoming a Lasse
by In_need_of_autonumber March 07, 2016
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