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a very popular person, with an amazing personality.
Everybody likes Koen. Dangerously sexy, wow's girls&makes guys jealous with his amazingly large penis.
Koen is so hot!
by iDefinitionz123 November 27, 2011
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He is awesome likes ice cream and snacks and all of his friends are big followers
Koen goes to da park
by Dope man 2000 March 15, 2018
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1. One who is godly, one who rules the world.

2. Name of the director of
1. Dude, that guy is so koen.
2. Koen rocks!
by BTB February 21, 2005
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The best of them all. Petty and gets into drama a lot. Acts picky and irrelevant for no reason. Only uses there phone for Snapchat and messages. Doesn't have many contacts but talk to many people in person. Heard tea or Spills it on almost everyone. Ready to fight when someone really tries to artack them. Tries to do more adventurous things and spends there whole day watching tv or watching bgc and LHH fights on yt. Has many jealous of them bc they have really nice things. Acts shy at times or crazy and loud.
by MYSTERIOUS HOE May 19, 2017
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A dick who only cares about himself and his ugly ass girlfriend he needs help and should consider it he looks like a smurf and his head looks like a fucking monley he sucks dick for living he needs a life
by keidha344 January 17, 2018
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