a very popular person, with an amazing personality.
Everybody likes Koen. Dangerously sexy, wow's girls&makes guys jealous with his amazingly large penis.
Koen is so hot!
by iDefinitionz123 November 27, 2011
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An individual with the highest level of sexual might. He possess the most colossal, enormous penis in all the lands and its throbbing releases seismic waves with unmatchable power, magnitude of a god-driven earthquake.
"Gosh, Koen! What a massive schmeat! "
by peepeepoopee July 25, 2020
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He is awesome likes ice cream and snacks and all of his friends are big followers
Koen goes to da park
by Dope man 2000 March 15, 2018
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koen....a very interesting person and very fun to be around, will light up your day in seconds and just an overall great person anyone is lucky to be his friend because you know if you need him he will be there because he knows you'll be there for him too. what im trying to say is find a koen like mine because he is the greatest person ever.
by koens girlfriend December 30, 2021
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Koen. Sweet, kind, athletic, shorter, brown hair, plays soccer, football, basketball. He can be a little annoying. He sometimes doesn't keep his mouth shut. But he is an amazing person to be around.
Koen is so sweet and caring.
by Anonymous._._. August 17, 2019
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If you know a koen, you’ll know that he likes raspberries and lemonade
by Mothafrickerjonesbooch September 29, 2019
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