An alternative word for penis mainly used by parents when talking to their children.
"Andrew, stop touching your winkle!"
by NotBob June 18, 2005
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A mysterious part of your body that tells you when you're turned on (and not what you would normally think!). It turns pink when it's the most turned on. Only you can find it on yourself, and the only way to let others know where it is, is for them to find it themselves ;-)
Wow, that's so hot! It turned my winkle pink!
by C&P August 26, 2005
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A word used to describe the small trickle of urine that is produced which signifies that your poo has finished. It only refers to men.
E.g. You finished in the loo mate? No I still need to winkle.
by CallMeAl April 14, 2009
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Winkles were a medieval fashion and men used devices to shrink their nobs so they were fatter than they were long.
The term used when you men toss off men: "your winkles ans big as a coin"

A cock thats dumpy, i.e. fatter than it is long:
"woo, my boyfriend has a fat winkle"
by noob bomb March 29, 2005
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1/ Nebbish, ineffectual person usu. of lesser stature, or odd appearance, often obsessed with pettiness and pedantry.
per 1: "Nigel drives me mad when we talk. He always has to interrupt and correct every little detail."
per 2: "Well he is such a winkle after all."

per 1: "Are you going to Nigel's party on Friday?"
per 2: "No, think I'll give it a miss. Anyway, he's a bit of a winkle."
by Timmybaby May 14, 2007
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When one pours oneself a fountain drink, drinks it at the machine, and refills his cup again.
Everyone laughs when Steve winkles.
by Frantismo October 25, 2005
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A small limp penis. Comparable to a toddlers.

Not a term for urination or female genitalia.
Richard: Here, have you ever seen a cock like this?
Madelaine: Dearest that is not a cock, it's a winkle and I've seen bigger at the play group.
by Diana Wellings April 10, 2011
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