When a man intentionally spins his penis around in circles, moving in a fashion such as a windmill rotates.

Sometimes erroneously called helicoptering, but this is not how helicopter blades move so that's just plain fucking wrong.
Dick was flinging about his junk, windmilling like Don Quioxte was there to watch.
by Lucie Bluebird January 9, 2016
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While in 5th on the list - the term originates from the early 90's and should be number 1. It has nothing to do with penises or arms.

Windmilling defined: with regards to thrash metal and extreme music. This definition predates the others- listed here.

Windmilling is the act of a long haired metalhead whipping his/her head around in a 360 degree motion, the hair flies up in the air and around- in the shape of a windmill blade.
Did you see that chick singer windmilling in the that new metal video the other day? She windmills just as good if not better than some guys can, and looks hot as hell- doing it!
by blackhawksfan54 February 9, 2010
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The act of spinning one's penis around in the fashion of a windmill, usually with the intent of hitting someone in the face. Sometimes done while urinating.
Mr. Bean was windmilling the school children.
by Haddock December 17, 2004
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Spinning your arms to hit someone with intent to injure.
I like windmilling Mags because they stink.
by @@@ September 29, 2007
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clutching ones flacid penis at the base, and waving it in a similar motion to that of a windmill
howard was windmilling bolder at the pub after 8 pints of vodka snakebite, and 8 apple sourz.
by howie December 1, 2003
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Verb; To whirl one's outstretched arms around in a circular motion, fists clenched, with the intention of hitting something (or someone). This action resembles the spinning blades of a windmill.

Often used in conversation to demonstrate an anger towards a specific subject or entity.
Nick: I heard that John slept with your bird last night!
Tim: Right, I'm off windmilling....
by WatchOutCosBeadlesAbout September 2, 2009
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when two or more men are attempting to have sex with one woman but since they are so drunk they swing their penis' around in a circular motion to promote blood flow in hopes of achieving full erection. When done correctly small tornados and possibly tropical storms or hurricanes will be produced. Warning : do not attempt if you are unable to handle high wind speeds
hey dude, me and my friend were trying to gang bang this rip so we busted out some windmills
by Windmill King April 3, 2011
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