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Being so stoned that you can do nothing but sit on the couch laughing at stoner movies.
"Hey man, we're going to the store to get some munchies, you coming?"
"Ha, don't even try it, man, he's got couch lock."
by Haddock May 27, 2005
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The act of spinning one's penis around in the fashion of a windmill, usually with the intent of hitting someone in the face. Sometimes done while urinating.
Mr. Bean was windmilling the school children.
by Haddock December 16, 2004
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The fourth and final base in baseball (rounders in England). Getting to home base without stopping or being caught out is called a home run.
He needed to pee so bad, he ran so fast, reached home base, and ran straight to the bathroom.
by Haddock March 30, 2005
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The act of killing a person (or people) and then killing yourself. A common variant of it is "Condom/Spermicide". Although it is commonly used on totse, murder/suicide didn't originate there.
"It's the last day of school today, what should I do?"
by Haddock July 06, 2005
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Like ops, except a hop is only a half-op.
<luser> ops plz.
<op> No.
<luser> hops then?
<op> No.
by Haddock August 16, 2005
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