Kids that are often dressed in repulsive ways.
( Naruto headbands, linty black shirts, out of style beanies, anything on the clearance rack at hot topic, mainstream movie t's.)Usually very obnoxious and loud.
Tend to draw anime or "gore" pictures and have a mad obsession with wolves or vampires.
They also seem to play so many RPGs they forget how to act in reality and seem incredibly stupid to the people around them.

Occasionaly wear saggy clothes, like tripp pants and massive black hoodies. They like to settle in groups with other new metal kids and walk together in a huge posse disturbing the society around them.

New Metal kids also tend to be fat, smelly, and stalkerish.
May try to follow the trend " scene kids " but fail miserably, and think that pocky is the best thing to hit the planet.

You can commonly hear new metal kids coming from a distance away because of the sound of their chains on their pants, and like to wear shoes that are too thick for them, and if none of those the smell will definatley warn others.

Some often wear messenger bags so low that they walk crooked and have greasy/ oily hair.

" Dude. That kid is so new metal.."
" Who Jasmin? I know! She's gross."
" Her tripp pants are too short they look like highwaters."

" Check out my new shirt! "
" Ew.. Did you get that off the clearance rack at hot topic? It's linty! "
" Oh.. Um.. Yea.. I don't havea lint roller."
" .. You're so new metal."
by Grrrace January 30, 2008
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