to fart while turning around in a circle
Tom did a 360 degree after eating a plate of frijoles
by copyright360degree April 20, 2011
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360 degree is a full rotation
360 degree is the angle in a circle
360 degree is very hot
"Nice dude your board just did a full 360 degree spin!!"

"wtf man, it's like 360 degrees out there!"
by b1lly April 14, 2015
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When someone is so 360 degrees of out there, that they are back in there. Being so out there becomes normal.
Lucas: "Woah, gaffer that was insane"
Gaffer: "What can I say? I am just 360 degrees of out there"
by GlucaZe January 16, 2019
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Most bitches have even the smallest little gut, but some bitches have a gut, love handles AND back fat, furthermore known as the 360 degree gut. A gut that covers the full circumfrence of the bitches mid drift.
That bitch has so much flab, she's got the 360 degree gut!
by Andrew Cottingham October 19, 2006
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the process of taking a partner, and while standing, turn him or her upside down while the partner blows you and you squat up and down continuously.

NOTE: May cause some head injury
For our anniversary, my girlfriend and i did a Norwegian 360 degree piledriver.
by Rpalocio November 4, 2011
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An asshole no matter how you look at him. A complete, perfect asshole.
Warren:"So Mayson fucked it up again. Words cannot describe what a douche-bag he is...."
Jose:"Oh yes they can--he's a chrome-plated, 360 degree asshole!"
by Kieran Le Petomaine November 20, 2006
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internet meme, answer to the question what the 360 in "Xbox 360" means. If someone asks this question, the only answer is: "Because whenever I see it, I make a 360 degrees turn and walk away". Ofcourse, it is impossible to walk away after a 360 degrees turn, as you will still be facing the Xbox. Another version of this joke is: "I make a 360 degrees turn and moonwalk away". This obviously solves the problem.

oldfag: Whenever I see it, I make a 360 degrees turn and walk away.
by homosexuals are gay March 14, 2009
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