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n. 1 - A north central Pennsylvania city. Most people currently living there would prefer to live elsewhere... Like maybe Rochester. If you left and go back, you probably goto the bar and have a HS reunion and suddenly remember why you had a burning desire to leave in the first place.

n. 2 - Place where people should stop breeding and start committing more homicides.
person #1: "So where you from?"
person #2: "Williamsport..."
person #1: "Thats sucks, I'd rather live in a cardboard box in Rochester in January."
person #2:*click* *bang* *thud*
by <_|_ January 30, 2004
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Often referred to as "The Port," people don't appreciate this town nearly enough. It's usually not appreciated fully until someone leaves for college and comes back on some weekends, or if one has their driver's license and a lot of friends. A common phrase is "There's nothing to do in this town," But that is usually when the person cannot think of anything to do besides go to the mall after it's already closed. There is usually always a show (usually hardcore, emo, or punk) nearby, which everyone will flock to, whether it consists of big bands or local bands. The local band scene in Williasmport used to be huge, but has gone down quite a bit in the last 4 years or so. It's also referred to as "Little Philly" or "Willidephia" because of all the migrating of Philadelphia citizens to The Port a few years ago. All in all, people might make fun of The Port for being a small boring town, but you have to know how to fully appreciate just hanging out with your homies at Denny's at 3:00 in the morning. It's a tight brotherhood among some people, and isn't something to be messed with. Oh yeah they also have the Little League World Series.
The hardcore scene in Williamsport is huge.

Look at my new tattoo.
(reads tattoo) "Port, 570"
o word?
by B-fizz November 22, 2005
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Like laredo without all the mexicans. One should leave ASAP, as living there too long gives you life cancer.
I lived to long in williamsport and got lifecancer which made me constantly lazy for no reason
by Starbuck August 21, 2003
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Williamsport, MD is a small town outside Hagerstown, MD reaching to the Potomac River. It's filled with proud rednecks, shamed river rats, and various other groups of people, none of whom ever find anything exciting to do but head into Hagerstown and cruise "The Dual" or Dual Highway. Also dubbed "Da Port," it is the other, better Williamsport, nowhere close to Filtydelphia. Although past teams at Williamsport High School have been strikingly better at football, the past few years have seen losing records, earning the reputation of "an easy win."
Williamsport (locally pronunced "Weamsport") ain't much, but I'd rather be from here than Hagersbush.
by Christiana Renee November 04, 2007
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