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A branch of punk music that started in the 80s with harder, faster music than say, the Ramones. Examples of hardcore bands: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front. It has recently been butchered by emo and now people are calling bands such as Hawthorne Heights hardcore. Don't believe them.
Check your local hardcore scene and see if there are any real hardcore bands left.
by Panic Attack! July 11, 2005
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you guys are all fukcin stupid. hardcore isn't about what clothes you wear. it's about not following trends. being yourself. not following the masses.
ignorant person:hey that kid has tight pants and long hair and a tight shirt on he's so hardcore.

ME: bitch your retarded he looks just like every other kid with his norma jean shirt on he got from hot topic. he doesn't belong in the hardcore scene.
by dyllan miller April 03, 2007
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wrong again! all the hXc kids in ohio knows it's only those emo pussies with their track jackets an hair over one eye dude! im hXc and sXc and ive been to some pretty sick local shows, from newark to columbus to hebron, heath, zanesville, even one in dayton. they have bands like kill whitney dead, a waking nightmare, above this fire, waking kills the dream, dead to fall etc. shows and at only one show did anyone that had the balls to get in a pit have hair over one eye and he admitted to being emo!! youve got the first half right, most hXc's have gauged ears and tight(usu. girl pants, if not dickies or tan cargo shorts.)pants, but most wear a tight as fuck hardcore band t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. most ive met wear skate shoes like DC, or vans or chucks some wear older shoes tho.
hXc (friend of mine)"look at that emo fag over there with his greasy black hair over his eye and his fuckin slit wrists. emo kids are so dumb theyre like 'oh i hate the world im gonna kill myself!' and shit as if theyll ever do it. someone should tell them it's down the road, not across the street."
me"i fuckin hate emo kids. push him in the pit with us, maybe hell stay at home and listen to dashboard confessionals instead of bein a wallflower and takin up dance space."
hXc"good idea"...

yeah, i know, we are assholes but emo is gay
by Murphy February 14, 2005
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a fabricated "scene" in which people are commonly known to wear black and have spider web tattoos on their elbows.

related words: scenequeen, ChadKroeger, fuckwit
guy: "what the fuck is a hardcore scene??"
cool guy: "nothing man, nothing"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
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wrong hxc secne u must be thinkin metal heads hxc kids=gauages tight jeans shirst hair over 1 eye track jakets hardcore dancing etc
by die2hope October 09, 2004
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