Unprejudiced. Often misused to mean uninterested.
A good jury is disinterested.
by El Driftwood September 2, 2006
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1. Generally, any sort of internet comment thread (community) where the individuals engaging in the thread conform to dominant beliefs, and are insular towards those that present a different viewpoint. Note that a disinterested thread is different from a chauvinistic thread, as the latter will aggressively attack different viewpoints, while the former simply does not care.

2. Specifically, any sort of internet comment thread—particularly on YouTube—where the individuals engaging in the thread (usually mid-late teens to young adults) are happy-go-lucky casuals and do not attempt to pursue the topic of interest further, often due to ignorance or a short attention span. Thus, when the so-called reply guy comes in with a paragraph, the casuals react with a "wut" attitude and completely dismiss his or her critical and edifying perspectives. This usually comprises of the entire thread either ignoring the intellectual all together, or replying back with something like "I don't get it" or "no one really cares". Further attempts of enlightening the casuals might only be perceived as an annoyance and may cause some of them to mute the comment thread.

Unfortunate to the intellectual, he or she might feel utterly neglected, and loses faith in the young generation's ability to think critically.

Combined with the typical "the internet is not school" mentality, casuals on the internet may never learn, and will object to any sort of information that challenges their mindset.
YouTube comment thread on a Mukbang video:

OP: Literally every time I see the word Mukbang in the title, I get super hungry, does that happen to anyone else?? {207 likes | 3 days ago}

> Reply 1: Omg that literally happens to me every single time too! {26 likes | 3 days ago}

> Reply 2: Happens to me too! {20 likes | 3 days ago}

> Reply 4: Yeah same, I think it has something to do with something called operant conditioning {16 likes | 3 days ago}

> Psychology student: @Reply 4 Psychology student here. Actually, it has nothing to do with operant conditioning, what you're referring to is classical conditioning, which is the pairing of an unconditional stimulus with a neutral stimulus. You see, the word Mukbang is a neutral stimulus, but because it has been repeatedly paired with the concept of eating loads of food, it has a strong association with food, and food is an incentive that triggers ghrelin. {0 likes | 2 days ago}

> Reply 6: hahaha saame {0 likes | 7 hours ago}

> Psychology student: @Reply 4 Did you not read my comment? Heck, did anyone read my comment? {0 likes | 7 hours ago}

> Reply 8: Science biatch! {1 like | 1 hour ago}

> Psychology student: @Reply 9 Actually, it's "psychology biatch!" FTFY. {0 likes | 1 hour ago}

> Reply 10: @Psychology student Shut up, nobody really cares {0 likes | 40 minutes ago}

> Reply 11: @Psychology student wut {0 likes | 7 minutes ago}

> Psychology student: This is such a disinterested thread... {0 likes | just now}
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300+ years of the United States not only failing to help black people, but oppress, jail and financially strangle them to the point where the hole is so deep there's almost no way out. A total disinterest in black lives compounded by time = systemic racism. It's why the average net worth of a middle class white couple is 10x that of a middle class black couple.
Discrimination based on race and ethnici ty takes many forms. The United States has made progress in eliminating some of the legalized racial discrimination of years past such as slavery, Jim Crow laws, “separate but equal” schools, and
prohibitions on voting or owning land. But the compound disinterest in black lives has taken its toll in things like the formation of "ghettos" due to redlining and school performance and test scores being almost distinctly tied to income levels.
by dougfresh75 August 20, 2020
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